As a responsible parent, you must always remain careful of what goes into your child's mouth. While your children's dentist in Hermitage will always keep a check on the growth and development of tiny smiles and physical work to keep them healthy. However, you must strive to educate yourself about the dental health of your child and you must impart the knowledge to your child so that he or she can take care of their teeth as they grow up.

That said, parents and guardians are predominantly responsible for the shopping and preparation of foods and drinks for their children, and so, it is very important that they know the kind of drinks that may harm the smile of your little ones. When given wrong things to eat, it can make the entire task more difficult for all of us.

Let us dive in to find how wrong beverages can damage your child's teeth.

The tooth enamel

Tooth enamel is the outer surface of the teeth serving as a protective barrier for the inner soft tissues. While the enamel on our teeth is super tough, it shall appear to be smooth and glossy. Nevertheless, certain bacteria that come in drinks and beverages are stronger than the tooth enamel and they can start to deteriorate enamel over time.

You may not realize but these harmful acids stick to the teeth and start penetrating inside the enamel. When these foods are continuously given to your child, in no time the enamel is ruptured to cause more trouble. And remember that once the tooth enamel is gone, you cannot get it back naturally. Some of the beverages that carries the potential to damage your tooth enamel are soft drinks, energy drinks, sour candy, citrus and berries, vinegar, tomato sauce, canned juices, and any drink with artificial colours and preservatives.

Many children have the habit of chewing ice. You may think that ice is made of water and how can water be harmful, but remember that regularly chewing hard ice can harm your child's teeth. Eating ice puts unnecessary pressure on the tooth enamel and it can even crack your teeth.

Fortunately, parents can take steps to strengthen the tooth enamel of their children, here are a few things that they must do.

Ask you child to wait for a few minutes before brushing right after having any acidic beverages. Our paediatric dentist in Hermitage suggests that the child must wait for 30 minutes after consuming anything acidic to go and brush his teeth. The drinks and food containing critic acid are oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and all food rich in vitamin C.

Rinsing mouth with water is very good practice. If your child doesn't brush after every meal, you must ask him or her to at least rinse their mouth with water. It will help to remove the extra food particles stuck in the mouth and keep their mouths clean and fresh.

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